lawrence avenue elementary 

Lawrence Avenue elementary school playground, potsdam

One of the most creative local playgrounds that you will find. And its not just for school aged kids or children attending Lawrence Avenue Elementary School. During out of school hours the playground is open to all in the community, with the usual caveats about parental supervision. It is modern and imaginative, involves so many different ways to climb, play and explore that its hard to beat. There are many separate structures, including two main structures for younger and older children. The playground also features bears, a "hollowed out tree" that can be climbed upon and into to match the varying clambering abilities of school aged children, as well as assorted animals to observe elsewhere throughout. The playground has slides, climbing walls, swings, monkey bars, stepping stones, ladders, spinners and much else to try your kids strength, coordination and resistance to motion-sickness on. Sold!  Friday after school times seems a very popular time to hang out here for moms, dads and children, so if you want to meet other parents in a casual setting...this might be the place.


29 Leroy Street, Potsdam, NY 13676

The elementary school playground faces Lawrence Avenue. Out of school hours there is parking available in the main school parking lot off Lawrence Avenue, as well as in the High School/Athletics lot on Leroy Street (as long as there is not a game on!)

Sandstoner Park 1.jpg

sandstoner park


A lovely little play park, field and beach behind pine street arena, next to a branch of the Racquette River. There are covered picnic tables, benches, and the usual assortment of children's play structures, including a great little see-saw, swings and slides.  The large stone 

The park is also frequented by a gaggle of Canada geese, which are fun to watch (and to try stop young kiddies from chasing!), but also means that you do have to watch out for geese excrement. So if you were planning on sitting on the grass on the field rather than on the beach - bring a blanket to sit on.

The beach is an essential "cooling off spot" in summer. The artificial beach has lots of sand to play in, and leads directly into a narrow branch of the Raquette river.


43 Pine Street, Potsdam, NY 13676.

Behind Pine Street Arena, situated on the Racquette river. Plenty of parking available in the arena parking lot.

Sandstoner Park 2.jpg



Racquette road


racquette roaD playground, potsdam

A playground situated behind Evergreen Park Apartments. It has a tall play structure, slides, swings for toddlers and older children, and a separate toddler play structure. The playground does need TLC and some maintenance, but is still a more than adequate play space - especially with supervised play. There is also plenty of space to roam or play ball sports.


Racquette Road, Potsdam NY 13676.

There is no dedicated parking for this playground, although space can be found on Racquette Road and near to the apartments.


Other play areas & swing sets to know about in Potsdam

In addition to our community and school playgrounds, there are a number of other venues to be aware of - for either a quick break and time on some swings during a walk, a trip to do chores, or somewhere your children can play while you investigate yoga classes.

Trinity Episcopal Church swingset.jpeg

Trinity episcopal church

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Island Street park

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trillium yoga

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