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kids kingdom

Kids Kingdom Playground, morrissette park, ogdensburg ny

A park, skate park, and large wooden fort-style playground surrounded by a fence, all near to the water. 

The wooden fort is a fantastic play space with sneaky corridors, stairs, platforms, slides, as well as swings (big kid, toddler, and one for children with physical limitations).  Kids will love chasing around its various components and adults will love the fact that though a bit of a squeeze, its clever design means you can get in and about the whole structure to either retrieve your children, help younger ones with the steps and slides, or encourage less adventurous youth to explore.

This park is one of several locations that holds the summer arts and crafts program, which also includes Grove Street Park, Hamilton Park and New York Avenue Park.

For more information, including gazebo rental and skate park rules and regulations, see Ogdensburg Parks and Recreation webpage:   http://ny-ogdensburg.civicplus.com/Facilities/Facility/Details/6


100 Riverside Ave., Ogdensburg, NY 13669



grove street park

A suburban playground on a large green, adjoined by a volleyball / badminton sand court.  Slides, tunnels, and monkey bars will easily occupy a empty half hour or so in the day.  


Grove Street / Albany Avenue, Ogdensburg NY 13669


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new york ave

New york avenue park

Situated next to the Claxton-Hepburn Medical Center is an invaluable little park and multicolored playground. Its serves both the neighboring community and parents looking to give children some time outdoors before or after a medical appointment. The highlight - besides the wavy slides - is the older red roundabout. With some effort this can really get up speed and some g-force. Great for kids all around, including your more than averagely adventuresome little kids and tots!   

New York Avenue park.jpg

New York Avenue / Rensselear Avenue, Ogdensburg NY 13669.

Street parking is available, as are spaces directly opposite in the Clayton-Hepburn parking lot.