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mill pond park

mill pond park and playground

A lovely small playground on the bank of the river. Swings, climbing wall, play structure with slide (and a lot of sand to scuff into entire road systems, treasure maps, houses, or whatever imaginary preference your kiddie loves!), and an enclosed toddler play area with spring animals, low slide and play structure. There is also a picnic bench tucked next to the water. This is a convenient park if you want to wear those souls out before lunch/dinner, its a worthwhile spot. Like the smaller park (Jewtraw) on the opposite bank of the river, if sitting too long during mealtimes is NOT a possibility, then its close proximity to some restaurants allows dinnertime to be split between adults and everyone to ultimately get their food inside them (rather than carried home in a box after an unsuccessful and cut-short meal out)!!! 

Mill Pond Playground 3

Dow Road, Lake Placid, NY 12946

Within an easy walk of Sentinel Road shops. There are no designated parking spaces, but parking can be found on nearby streets, and across the river on Station Street.  


jewtraw park 

jewtraw park on Station street

On the riverbank close to the Sentinel Road bridge. A green space used for a farmers market and other activities. You can sit and watch the fountain, or let your children spend a short while playing on the wooden train play structure. A simple park... but just up the road from several popular restaurants - so you might just get to eat after all.  


At the corner of Station Street and Chub River Way, Lake Placid, NY 12946.

Street Parking is available, though busy on weekends, and it is possible to walk it from the center of town.  

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lake placid public beach

lake placid public beach and park

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801 Mirror Lake Dr, Lake Placid, NY 12946


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