postwood park playground & beach

Postwood park and beach is by far the best local spot for a hot summers day. With a playground swings, volleyball net and trails running from the top of the small hill, toilets/changing facilities, and the beach with lifeguard covered swimming, small boat launch, picnic and barbecue spots there is much fun to be had in the fun, in the sun (and when its cloudy too!), and in the water.  

Spring and Autumn are also great times to visit the park to play, run around, dip your toes in the lake, or take a walk. 

Please note, SWIMMING IS NOT ALLOWED before waterfront is open in June and after closing in August (June 16th and August 24 respectively for 2017).   


Postwood Park, Hannawa Falls, New York 13647

There is a large parking lot available at Postwood Park, to get there drive into Hannawa and turn at the church onto Church Street. At the first bend, continue straight ahead to join Postwood park road. Parking is at the first turning on the left. 



church street community playground

A small community green space with a small soccer pitch, basketball court, wood climbing frame, slides, see-saw, and set of swings. Sometimes all that is needed is one of these small, quiet, community play areas.  

Parking is on the street, and otherwise, the playground is an easy walk from most places in Hannawa Falls. 

Church Street Playground Hanawa Falls 1 .jpg
Church Street Playground Hanawa Falls 2.jpg
Church Street Playground Hanawa Falls 3.jpg

The playground and greenspace is directly across from the junction of School and Church Streets, and behind what used to be the old Methodist church (now Helping Hands).