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the sandbox!!!: imagine nation park

A community funded sandbox on the outskirts of Canton, tucked away on the trail that runs around Patridge Run Golf Course. This is an absolute gem. For spring summer and into fall the sandbox is populated with Tonka trucks, buckets, spades, and sand molds, in addition to its permanent residents - the bears, beavers, raccoons and other carvings. Walk the logs, scramble through the tunnel, climb up on the benches, and dig dig dig that sand. The sandbox is surrounded by a rocks that make great stepping stones and seating for adults. Directly across the trail is a swing set with toddler swing, and a double swing that combines toddler and ordinary swing seat - so swing together with your child or sit your children on there together.

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Remington Recreation Trail, Partridge Run Golf Course, Sullivan Drive, Canton NY 13617.

Drive out of Canton on State Street / Canton-madrid road (Rt 85), turn left onto Sullivan Drive following signs to the Partridge Run Golf Course. Continue along Sullivan Drive and park in the Golf Course parking lot. Almost opposite the entrance of the parking lot there is a paved trail. Walk about 300 ft down the trail and the sandbox is on your right.

(Don't take the trail on the same side of the road as the parking lot otherwise you will have a very long stroll before eventually giving up on the prospect of finding the sand box in frustration and returning home feeling less of a successful parent than you did when you left the house!)

Is is possible to walk to the sandbox from town, although its a decent trek. Take the trail through the woods from either Woods Drive, or from behind the school play field at FS Banford Elementary. You will emerge a few hundred feet from the sandbox, turn right onto Remington Recreation Trail and you will soon see the sandbox on your left.

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buck street


Buck street playground, canton

An older local playground that is showing its age, but still perfectly serviceable. Worth a visit if you want to relive your own childhood on the merry go-round and get your kids spinning too. In sum, the park includes 'swings, slides, a merry go-round, and monkey bars', as well as tires, a sandpit and several park benches around the perimeter.

The park is also a short distance from the Canton recreation pavilion.


On the corner of Buck Street and Lincoln, Canton NY 13617

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F S banford elementary 

F S Banford Elementary School playground, cantonny

Two different children's playgrounds to choose from in out of school hours! One a normal play structure with lots to do on, and the other a brilliant above-average adventure play fortress with sneaky tunnels, slides, look-outs, platforms tyres and swings.  

This is an excellent place to bring your kids - they will be entertained for ages and not want to leave. And if you have young children they can still explore the structure with your help - the gangways are (just!) wide and tall enough inside for adults to weave their way through.

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99 State St, Canton, NY 13617

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Canton Central School2.jpg

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taylor park community beach

taylor park community beach

A great park with a vast area to play on the Grass River. Just outside of town it is a bit of a hidden gem. It's closed to visitors out of season and the access road shut - so it is easy to miss. Even on a perfect summer weekend there is plenty of space to use. The stretch of beach on the river has a lot of imported sand that reaches significantly back from the waters edge (so there is plenty of space to set up chairs, a small shade tent, and all the rest of the belongings you hauled from your car, and for as much digging, sand castle, and race track building as you can handle! There are changing rooms and toilets available - don't expect much of them, but they are clean and do the job. The swimming area is marked out and is reasonably sized and lifeguards are on duty during posted hours. Bonus: the beach includes a dive platform, a dock, and has kayaks available for rent at a low price. 

If you want to stay off the beach, or take a break, picnic benches can be found under the trees by the river AND at the pavillion. Set apart from the beach is a lightly wooded area with barbeques which is very pleasant in its own right.

The playground at the park has many metal play and climbing structures, which although not brand-new, present a fun and refreshing change of options (for children and for playground-weary parents!) It also has a number of swing sets, bounce animals, a round-a-bout, and other structures.  In addition, behind the rows of car parking is a sports field. More than many other local parks and beaches, this variety really does cater to a wide range in age, and so is especially useful if you are out with family or friends with kids of quite different ages - or if you plan to keep spending sunny summer days here for years to come.     

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Taylor Park Road, Canton, NY 13617

From the center of town, turn south down Miner Street Road (between the Police Station and the Sunco Gas Station). Follow the road for two miles as it leaves central canton and passes over the river. The access road to the beach comes up on the left hand side, about one mile after crossing the bridge. 

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first presbyterian church playground

The First Presbyterian Church has an older wooden playground that the community is free to use (respectfully of course). See-saw, swings, climbing frame, monkey bars, slide set next to the elegance of the stone church. A lovely combination for a short respite from chores in town, a run around after spending time at the library, or after church.


First Presbyterian Church, 17 Park St, Canton NY 13617

The simple playground is next to the church, facing the park. It is easily walk-able from much of the village, and there is street parking available around the park.